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I have been researching my family’s genealogy for over 15 years and have never ceased to be amazed at the many twists and turns my research has taken me. I have researched both my paternal Milson ancestry as well as my maternal Dickinson roots.

The research of early 19th century family historian, Wharton Dickinson, and his claims of the family's roots linking early Dickinson ancestors to Viking, Norman and Anglo Saxon royalty has been a particular interest of mine.

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A new Forum for discussion on the many Dickinson and Milson Family branches is now online.

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A new Forum for discussion on the many Dickinson and Milson Family branches is now online.

6 May 1804 - James Milson was born in Bath Somerset in 1804, he arrives as a convict in Australia in 1836 and marries Sarah Jane Atcheson in 1851. He and his family later settle in the New England district of NSW.

12 Jul 1800 - Charles Millson born in Stanford Dingley in Berkshire, he is later transported to Australia for his part in the ‘Swing Riots”.

2 Jan 1785 - John Dickinson was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and he marries Esther Jepson. Their son William John Dickinson marries Mary Ann Porter in Sydney, NSW in Australia in 1830.

1785 - James Milson was born around 1785 in Woolsthorpe near Grantham, Lincolnshire – he arrives as a free settler in Australia in 1806 and marries Elizabeth Kilpack in 1810. He and his sons become successful businessmen and farmers.

1630 - Nathaniel Dickinson and his wife Anna settle with 5 children in Watertown, Massachusetts after sailing from Southampton, England.

19 May 1536 - Henry VIII divorces Anne Boleyn, she fails to keep a level head.

9 Sep 1492 - Columbus threatens to, '...turn this boat right around,' if the crew doesn't stop complaining about the food.

1242 - Early Dickinson ancestor Johnne Dykonson born in Kingston-up-Hull in Yorkshire and marries Margaret De Lambert in 1240.

1066 - William Conquerors England and his Dukes of Normandy become the new ruling elite.

15 Mar 44 BC - Julius Caesar murdered.